School Closures, Late Starts, and morning Kindergarten

How do you know if Challenge to Excellence is closed or has a delayed start?

Challenge to Excellence lies within the Ponderosa, Chaparral and Legend Feeder areas. When any one or all of these feeder areas is listed as delayed start, Challenge to Excellence will be operating on a 1.5 hour delayed schedule.  If any one or all of these feeder areas is listed as closed, Challenge to Excellence will be closed.  If all of Douglas County School District is closed or delayed, then Challenge to Excellence is as well.

To see if weather is affecting our school, please access any of the following.  We do not update our website as we follow whatever Douglas County posts.
Weather Hotline: 303 – 387 – SNOW (7669)
District Internet Address:
Announcements will also be made as early as possible on local television and radio stations:
Channel 2 (evenings only), Channel 4, Channel 7, and Channel 9. Radio stations: KOA 850 AM,
KYGO 98.5 FM, KOSI 101.1 FM, KEZW 1430 AM, KHOW 95.7 FM, KRXY/MIX 107.5 FM, KCFR
90.1 FM, KXKL (Kool) 105.1 FM, KKHK 99.5 FM, and KGME 1390 AM (Spanish).

If it is announced that we have a delayed start then our doors will open at 9:10 and attendance will be taken at 9:30.  This gives you an extra 1.5 hours to get your student to school.  Please allow plenty of extra time to get to school on days with inclement weather.   Today we had 15% of our students arrive late, with the extra time the district has given students to get to school, everyone should be on time!

If the District announces that Morning Kindergarten is closed, then morning Kindergarten at C2E is closed as well.  If you have a full day kindergartener or an afternoon kindergartener, they will attend school on these days.  We apologize for the confusion about this today.

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Safety of our Students

C2E Families,

Our crosswalk has become more and more dangerous and we are very concerned about the safety of our students as they cross the road.  We need your help!  We will continue to staff the crosswalk, but believe an additional adult will help.  Please click here to sign up.  Another way you can be of help is to remember the carpool rule of ALWAYS TURN RIGHT when entering and leaving the property.  We appreciate each of you looking at your schedules and signing up to help keep our children safe.

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A Great Day at C2E

What a great day at C2E!  Rocky visited each classroom and fun was had by all!  Thanks to everyone who voted and helped us win his visit.


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C2E recognized by the DCSD Board of Education

I was honored to accept, as the Challenge to Excellence representative, the 2018 John Irwin Schools of Excellence Award, at the Douglas County School District Board meeting last night.  The John Irwin Award is given to schools that demonstrate excellent academic achievement. The three-year school performance framework is used by the state to evaluate schools, and award the schools that “exceed” expectations on academic achievement.  This is our 3rd year in a row to receive this award.

Congratulations to our students who worked so hard to show all that they have learned, to our teachers for diligently ensuring that all of our students are learning, and to our parents for the daily commitment they make to help our students succeed in school!

Click here for more information on this award and/or to see the schools that received the 2018 John Irwin Award.

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Second Round of Open Enrollment Soon

The Second Round of Open Enrollment opens January 22nd! Click here for more information.
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Mammoth News Weekly December 17th

Watch the Mammoth News Weekly for the week of December 17th here!


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