Leadership Team


The Challenge to Excellence Leadership Team, founded in 2005, is composed of eighth grade students elected by the staff, administration and the prior year’s team. These exemplary eighth graders personify the best of C2E. They are selected for their leadership abilities not only with their middle school peers, but are also looked upon to lead their younger elementary counterparts. The Leadership Team models the dress, behavior, attitude, and excellence we expect in all C2E students.

The Leadership Team performs a number of responsibilities. To name just a few, these student leaders help reach out to our new students each year to welcome them into the C2E family, serve as peer tutors to our youngest elementary students, help with the day to day operations of the school, organize dances, movie nights and a variety of other school events, and coordinate fundraisers for organizations in need.

The members of the Leadership Team are chosen by confidential ballot. Middle school and Specials Staff, Administration, and the current year’s team are allowed to vote. After receiving a detailed description of expectations, the ladies and gentlemen (the ratio of boys and girls varies depending on the demographics of the class) with the most votes are invited to join the team. In this way, the students who most exemplify what it is to be a leader at C2E, are chosen to serve.

The team begins duties in late April of their seventh grade year. They host the outgoing eighth grade graduation and serve as outreach to our incoming kindergarteners on Kindergarten buddy day. In July of their eighth grade year, they send postcards to each incoming “Kindie” to welcome them to C2E. Their duties progress through the year and culminate in selecting and training the next team. This is designed to maintain a continuity of ideals as we change and grow each year.

The Leadership Team has become an honor amongst the middle school students. These students who wear the neon shirts indicate a safe, older peer to the younger students!