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Emails & Websites

Classroom Teacher Email
Kindergarten Robyn Reagan
Kindergarten Savannah Scheyer
1st Alyssa Renken
1st Alyssa Shuman
2nd Natasha Molina
2nd  Jessica Villa
3rd Fiona Nemanov
3rd Michele Sum
3rd Steve Mendez
4th Lisa Sams
4th Tamara Hine
4th Lantz Trantham
5th Pamela Lowther
5th Katherine Lewis
MS Language Arts Cindy Wald-Barry
MS Social Studies Rachael Young
MS Math Amanda Pogge
MS Math Rachael Williford
MS Science Jason Doell
MS Science Kathryn Dykes
MS Language Arts Sheila Rennau 
MS Social Studies Mary Kate Naylor
Education Specialists Teacher Email
ELL Coordinator Chrystal Marlin
Gifted/Talented Wendy Pieseski
Reading Specialist Susie Stewart
SPED Shelly Gude
Specials Teacher Email
Art Marylyn Deis
Music Lucas Polson
P.E. Michael Riff
S.T.E.M. Julie Stewart
Spanish Patricia Villegas
Educational Assistants Staff Member Email
Educational Assistant Hannah Burgess  
Educational Assistant Ellen Bush
Educational Assistant Ann Jubin  
Educational Assistant Laura Manente  
Educational Assistant Seana Meitler  
Educational Assistant Georgia Riner  
Educational Assistant Jen Thompson  
SPED Educational Assistant Jessica Chapman  
Administration Staff Member Email
Principal Liz Dougan
Assistant Principal Kristen Parsons 
Academic Dean Joana Baldermann
Nurse Natalie Hall
School Counselor Joshua Frase/BOTB
Registrar/Attendance Clerk Bharathi Kamadana
Office Manager Amy Clarke
School Development Manager  Katie Novak
Office Assistant Kelly Haithcoat
Office Asst./Healthroom Asst. Shivani Mahajan
Day Janitor Dionne Brown  
Instructional Support Teacher/Staff Email
ISS Psychologist Kristen Lunde
ISS OT Lesa Gerlach
ISS Speech Holly Armour
ASL Interpreter Michele Day