Below you will find links to staff email and homepages. If the teacher’s name is highlighted in red, it signifies that particular teacher has their own web page. By clicking on the teacher’s name, you will be directed to their homepage. There may be a password or name that is required to login. When this is the case, often times a student will already have the information. If you are trying to email a teacher, please click on the link on their e-mail address to bring up your default e-mail program. Alternatively, right click on the e-mail and copy to save the e-mail to your clipboard. We hope this is another useful resource to use!

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Email & Website


Classroom Teacher Email
Kindergarten Robyn Reagan
Kindergarten Cheryl Walkup
1st Tara Matos
1st Raman Jammu
2nd Natasha Molina
2nd Julie Stewart
3rd Sean Carmody
3rd Milette Chapman
3rd Steve Mendez
4th Kellie Forrest
4th Lisa Sams
4th Isabelle Porter
5th Jennifer Anders
5th Pamela Lowther
MS Language Arts Stephanie Zvonek
MS Language Arts Brandon Raycraft
MS Social Studies Ryan Han
MS Math Joana Baldermann
MS Math Doug Shults
MS Science Michael Jones
MS Science Corey Puffett
MS Social Studies Jennifer Shaffer
Education Specialists Teacher Email
ELL Coordinator Linda Horne
PD Coach/PBIS/MTSS Kristin Parsons
RTI/ELL Educator Seana Meitler
RTI Coordinator/Gifted and Talented Coordinator Snow Hulbert/BOTB
ELL Chrystal Marlin
Specials Teacher Email
Art Tammy Bergman
Elementary S.T.E.A.M. Chrystal Marlin
Typing Pal
School Code: DCSDCHEX
MS Technology Linda Horne
Music/Orchestra/Band Kasey John
P.E. James Curtis
Spanish Lilian Castro Pruneda
Group Email Members Email
Specials Art, PE, Spanish, Technology, Music
Middle School All Middle School Teachers
Middle School and Specials All Middle School and Specials Teachers
Educational Assistants Staff Member
Educational Assistant Beckie Bauman
Educational Assistant Seana Meitler
Educational Assistant Rebecca Hatt
Educational Assistant Mary Felker
Educational Assistant Jen Thompson
Educational Assistant Ellen Bush (Kindergarten)
Administration Staff Member Email
Principal Donna Mitchell
Assistant Principal/504 Coordinator Rae Whatley
Nurse Debbie Smith
School Counselor Lisa Kornblith
Registrar/Attendance Mary Hernandez
Bookkeeper/HR Amy Clarke
Office Asst./Healthroom Asst. Francesca Merritt
Office Asst./Healthroom Asst. Katie Novak
Day Janitor Sheila Silva
Instructional Support Teacher/Staff Email
ISS Learning Specialist Mandy Krien
ISS Psychologist Marcia Murphy
ISS OT Lesa Gerlach
ISS Speech Holly Armour
ISS SLPA Morgan Grandishar
ISS Assistant Georgia Riner
ISS Learning Specialist  Megan Finesilver