Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week is coming next week!

Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th

This will be a different type of weekly celebration than we’ve had in previous years, but we appreciate our C2E teachers and staff just as much as, OR MORE THAN, ever. Just because we can’t put into their hand their favorite cup of coffee or deliver a sweet-smelling flower doesn’t mean we can’t shower them with kindness and appreciation this year.

Please see below or check your emails for a more detailed list of the socially distant ways we are showing our teachers and staff love and appreciation!

Below is a PayPal link for parents to make a small donation that will help purchase lunch for each teacher and staff-person at C2E for Friday May 8th, 2020, as part of Appreciation Week. C2E Admin will either deliver meals to teachers’ homes or arrange for a socially-distanced staff luncheon at the school.


Thank you for the great support and generosity!

Participation is voluntary and donations can have any dollar value.


For questions contact the C2E Appreciation Team: Robi Calderaro at robertarossi70@gmail.com, Kathy Rogers at khrcoaster@gmail.com or Heather White at whitemiracle@comcast.net.



Join us in 2020 for another great week of celebrating those who make our school so great!

May 4th-8th 2020.

= Heart Raiser, an event that brings our mammoth community together.
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