PVA Calendar

2019 PVA Meetings in School Library

Friday, August 23rd PVA Meeting at 8:00am- click HERE for Meeting Minutes

Friday, September 27th  PVA Meeting at 8:00am- click HERE for Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 24th PVA Meeting at 6:30pm – click HERE for Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 22nd PVA Meeting at 8:00am

2020 PVA Meetings in School Library

Thursday, January 23rd PVA Meeting at 6:30pm

Friday, March 13th PVA Meeting at 8:00am

Thursday, April 23rd PVA Election and Meeting at 6:30pm

Friday, May 15th PVA Meeting at 8:00am

2019 SAC Meetings 8:00 AM in School Library

September 13th SAC Meeting
November 15th SAC Meeting


2020 SAC Meetings 8:00 AM in School Library

January 10th SAC Meeting
March 8th SAC Meeting
May 8 SAC Meeting


PVA Event Calendar 2019


August 16th- Spirit Wear Day

August 23rd- PVA Meeting

August 27th- Back to School Night



Spetember 5th- Spirit Night at Orange Leaf

September 6th- Spirit Wear Day

September 17th- Mammoth March Pep Rally

September 26th- Mammoth March

September 27th- PVA Meeting



October 1st-31st- Box Top Competition

October 4th- Spirit Wear Day

October 11th- Muffins With Mom

October 24th- Spirit Night at Swirls Frozen Yogurt

October 24th- PVA Meeting 6:30pm-7:30pm

October 25th- Staff Luncheon/Conferences





November 1st- Spirit Wear Day

November 8th- Veteran’s Day Event

November 21st- Spirit Night at Colonna’s

November 22nd- PVA Meeting




December 6th-13th- Book Fair

December 6th- Spirit Wear Day

December 10th- Staff Luncheon

December 13th- Teacher Appreciation Coffee Day


PVA Event Calendar 2020


January 10th- Spirit Wear Day

January 17th- Donuts for Dad/Grandpa

January 24th- PVA Meeting

January 24th- Mother/Son Event 

January 28th- Staff Luncheon



February 7th- Spirit Wear Day

February 21st- Father/Daughter Dance



March 6th-Spirit Wear Day

March 13th- PVA Meeting

March 27th- Staff Luncheon/Conferences



April 1st-31st- Box Top Competition

April 3rd- Spirit Wear Day

April 6th- PVA Intent to Run Form Due

April 10th- Kindergarten Buddy Day

April 24th- PVA Elections/Meeting

April TBD- Spring Gala



May 1st- Spirit Wear Day

May 4th-8th- Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week

May 12th- Staff Luncheon

May 15th- PVA Meeting


Last Updated: 09/25/2019