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Arctic Adventure Book Fair

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered during setup, sales, and pack-up of C2E’s book fair December 6 and December 9-13. Special thanks to Heather White who hung all our posters, Stefanie Ramirez who helped display all the books while ensuring that our staff who work in the library could still get to their work spaces, Josephine Ignatious who decorated all the tables filled with extra books and holiday merchandise, and Mullai Karunanithi and Manjula Palaniappan who stayed late Friday to help pack up eleven cases of books plus countless boxes. Extra special thanks to Joel Rogers who strung twinkle lights and hung snowflakes and came in every day to open and run the fair. Our annual book fair would not be possible without the help of all our volunteers and C2E staff.


Drum roll, please…. Here are our stats from the week:

  • Total sales of over $9700 dollars! 
  • Almost $200 in charitable donations which allowed us to purchase nearly 70 books for the school’s Giving Tree
  • Plus Scholastic will match our charitable giving by distributing more than 190 books to kids in need. Thank you for your generosity!
  • More than 100 books purchased for teachers and staff at C2E (see pictures below) by using our Scholastic rewards from previous book fairs. Thank you to C2E administration for allowing the PVA to do this.

Mrs. Anders’s class won the reading minutes competition with more than 3500 minutes and earned a class pizza party. Mrs. Youtman’s class came in 2nd with 2300 minutes, and Mrs. Forrest’s class came in 3rd with almost 1600 minutes. They each got to spend some extra money at the book fair. 


Thank you for supporting the school’s annual Scholastic book fair. Happy Holidays.

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