Health Services

Your School Nurse is Debbie Smith MS RNrngraphic

720-507-0841 or email


School Nurse

As your school nurse consultant, Debbie identifies students who have health problems and then collaborates and communicates with parents, school staff and appropriate medical personnel to develop plans that will help students be fully available for learning. Please notify Debbie of any health concerns or needs your students may have.

Health Assistants
Challenge to Excellence (C2E) has 2 Health Assistants, Francesca Merritt & Katie Novak, who carry out the medical/health duties during the day.  Other office staff members help fill this role in the absence of the Health Assistants.  The School Nurse provides oversight of the Health Assistants and other office staff who are available each day to respond to the immediate health needs of students.  Typically, Health Assistants are not medical professionals but are trained by the School Nurse Consultant in health room protocols for the care of sick or injured children who come the health room.


Frequently asked questions for the School Nurse

  1. Can my student bring medication to school to take during the day?

C2E follows the DCSD Medication Policy which was updated in August 2016.  Here is the link to the policy: Administering Medication to Students  C2E specifically follows the  ELEMENTARY Medication policy and all medications are dispensed from the health room for all students K-8.  Unlike other DCSD middle schools, C2E middle school students cannot carry medications at school on a routine basis.

  1. What forms do I need to bring to school with medication? Please go to this link to access the Medication Release Form.  Any medication including prescription and over-the-counter medications must have this form completed by your physician.  Self-carry of medications will be considered for Middle school students on a case-by case basis.  District policy states:  If a student must receive prescription or over the counter medication during school hours, the parent or guardian shall furnish the medication. Prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy labeled container. The label shall state the student’s name, medication, dosage, number and/or time(s) of dosages per day and name of the prescribing health care provider. Over the counter medication must be in its original packaging.
  2. Do you still give students Tylenol if they need it? No, we no longer give Tylenol at school unless we have a medication release form completed by your physician specifically for your student. The main change in the medication policy was the following revision regarding dispensing of Tylenol to students at school. 


The process for administering Tylenol (acetaminophen) to elementary school students has changed. Parents must provide a medication order signed by their Healthcare Provider if their student has a condition that will require Tylenol to be given at school. The parent will provide any medication that their student needs at school. DCSD will no longer have a standing physician order for elementary students to receive acetaminophen.  This is based on guidance from CDE in accordance with the Colorado Nurse Practice Act. The state recommends schools operate in a manner similar to a hospital setting; no medication, even an over-the counter one, can be given without a doctor’s order. Once received, a nurse may delegate administration of either a prescription or over-the-counter med, based on the Health Care Provider’s order.

  1. Can you give my student herbals or homeopathic medication? No the district policy does not allow us to dispense these: Douglas County School District employees may not administer homeopathic or herbal preparations.
  2. What immunizations are required for school?

This LINK page 2 provides the immunization schedule for students K-12 for 2016-2017. Students in grades K-12 claiming a non-medical exemption must submit the non-medical exemption form annually. The EXEMPTIONS expire June 30 each year. Non-medical exemptions can be claimed by submitting the online form Link to on-line NonMedicalExemptionForm (please print for the school), or by submitting the form Link to NonMedical Exemption form directly to school.


  1. When does my child need to stay home with illness?sicksmiley

We ask that you keep your students home when they are sick to prevent the spread of illness to other students and staff.  This means that if your student has a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat or other symptoms of illness that they should remain home until they feel better.  Please review the DCSD student attendance policy HERE


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