School Accountability Committee


The purpose of the SAC is to recommend priorities for school improvement, safety and security, and the overall culture of the school community through surveys to families. The SAC may also make recommendations to the principal of the school concerning the preparation of the school’s state performance improvement plan and/or other plans if specified. The C2E SAC is to help inform, encourage, and provide recommendations on behalf of parents and community members. More information on the roles and responsibilities of the C2E SAC may be found in the C2E SAC ByLaws linked below.

The C2E SAC shall meet at least quarterly to discuss whether school leadership, personnel, and infrastructure are advancing or impeding the implementation of the school’s mission, academic performance, school improvement, and other progress pertinent to the school’s charter agreement with the district.

The final decision-making authority rests with the principal receiving the recommendation from the C2E SAC.

The C2E SAC performs surveys on a periodic basis so we may provide a voice for the school community and we act as a conduit of communication between the staff, parents, and C2E school community. To this end, the C2E SAC meetings are always open and we invite you to attend. If you are interested in information regarding our meetings, please see the link to the minutes found below.

2022-2023 Agendas

SAC Bylaws | SAC Letter of Intent to Run | C2E SAC Training 

School Accountability Committee Members (22-23) Upcoming Meetings:
Meetings will take place at 8:30 AM (all meetings will be virtual AND in-person)
Juan Romero — Chair
Dawn Johnson — Vice Chair
Lorina Monks — Recorder
LaTanya Brown – DAC Rep
Amanda Ferguson – Parent Rep
Liz Dougan – Principal
Julie Stewart — Teacher Rep
Vacant — Community Rep
The 2022-2023 SAC meeting schedule:

September 30th AGENDA




School Accountability Committee Draft Minutes DRAFT_September 2022 Minutes

School Accountability Committee Approved Minutes

Archived Agendas and Meeting Minutes