Open Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year!! 


First round begins November 1, 2021. 


C2E’s Enrollment Process

If you have a student that you would like to enroll at Challenge to Excellence (C2E) for the 2022-2023 school year, you MUST apply through the Douglas County Open Enrollment Tool. For future year enrollments, you will need to apply during that open enrollment window (the year prior to them entering kindergarten).  Please continue reading for important information. Parents MUST complete Open Enrollment through the DCSD website during the open enrollment window.

Incoming K-8th grade Sibling Form

This information is for all incoming Kindergarten-8th grade siblings who will be enrolling into C2E for the first time for the 22/23 school year.  This does NOT apply to students already enrolled with Challenge to Excellence, if your student is already enrolled, they will automatically roll forward to the next grade until they reach 8th grade.

Please click here to fill out the Incoming Sibling form if you have not already done so, this is the ONLY way I can guarantee your student’s sibling a seat for the 22/23 school year!  Per Colorado State law; students must be 5 years old by October 1st of the year they start Kindergarten. Students must be 6 years old by October 1st of the year they start 1st grade. 

Please NOTE: Even if you’ve filled out the sibling preference form online, you are still REQUIRED to complete the Open Enrollment Process.

Please click here to access the DCSD website for Open Enrollment and follow the step-by-step instructions.   Remember to select C2E’s logo as your school of choice! 🙂  Once you have completed Open Enrollment, it will give you the option, “Email me my Choices.” This will confirm you have chosen C2E as your choice school and that you are finished with the process.


As a parent of a sibling…Please DO NOT create a new account as this will potentially impact your student’s open enrollment. If you have forgotten your Parent Portal account information, please email Bharathi Kamadana at bkamadana@c2e.org.

Key Dates to Remember for 22-23 Enrollment


    • November 1st, 2021 8:00am – December 1st 2021 4:00pm: First Round Open Enrollment for school year 2022-23
    • December 3rd , 2021 8:am – December 15th, 2021 4:00 pm : Schools will extend offers of open enrollment based on space availability. (You will have 48hrs to accept the offer and submit the paper work). 
    • December 10th 2021 4:00 pm: Parents can see offers in the EngagED Parent Portal and have to log back in and accept any open enrollment offers.
  • In the event you did not receive any offers during First Round, you will remain on a waitlist for Second Round of Open Enrollment, which opens on January 24th , 2022 at 8:00 am.


Second Round Open Enrollment closes on August 2nd, 2022 at 4:00 pm.  If you were put on the waitlist during the first round, you will still be on the list for second round. Schools will ONLY reach out to you when and if a spot becomes available.

Please be aware that the waitlist is purged after the second-round open enrollment closes.

First Window: November 1, 2021 – December 1, 2021

Second Window: January 24, 2022 – August 1, 2022


Please click here to access the DCSD Open Enrollment Tool.

Rest assured that the priority for enrollment has not changed at C2E.  Prospective students who have a sibling already enrolled at C2E will be given priority (be sure to mark a student as a sibling when applying), as well as the children of current staff members, and in-district applicants (applicants residing within Douglas County, applies to first round only).

REMEMBER: Click on the C2E logo when applying through Open Enrollment!!


Special Education and Services for Special Populations at Challenge to Excellence:

Like all charter schools, Challenge to Excellence is a public school. C2E serves students with disabilities and English Learners and provides services to students as required by state and federal law. Charter schools are subject to all federal and state laws and constitutional provisions prohibiting discrimination on the basis of disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, ancestry, need for special education services, and certain other grounds. Laws applicable to students with disabilities include the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504), and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

In most cases, the services required by a student with disabilities can be provided at C2E. In some cases, a student’s individual needs require that they be placed in a different program or location as determined by an IEP or Section 504 team. Under IDEA, students with disabilities are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE). The services a student requires under IDEA are described in an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Under Colorado law, the provision of FAPE and specific services required by a student’s IEP are a joint responsibility of the charter school and their authorizer, in most cases the local school district.
Applicants to C2E are not required to identify whether the applicant has an IEP and the school admits students without considering a student’s disability. After a student with an IEP is initially enrolled in the school, an IEP team meeting may be required to determine whether this school is an appropriate placement for the student based on their needs. In most cases, the services required by a student’s IEP can be provided at C2E. In some circumstances, a student’s individual needs require that they be placed in a different program or location. For more information on our programs and services please contact Kristen Parsons kparsons@c2e.org

Q & A’s Regarding Enrollment

Q: Does C2E offer school Tours?

A: Yes but not in person during COVID Pandemic. We are preparing a virtual tour of C2E that will be shared on this site coming soon.


Q: Does C2E have a waitlist?

A: Yes, each grade does have a waitlist.


Q: Does C2E purge its waitlist?

A: Yes.  After enrollment ends, we move to our waitlist which is purged each year prior to the next open enrollment period.


Q: Does C2E have a lottery system?

A: Yes, the lottery process is through the DCSD Open Enrollment Process. C2E does not manage the lottery.


Q: Once I am on a waitlist, when will I be notified if a spot for my child opens?

A: As soon as a spot opens, parents will be notified by email and have 48 hours to reply.


Q: Is there an enrollment cost associated with being chosen to go to school at C2E?

A: No, C2E is a public, tuition-free, charter school. Fees for coursework, materials, and supplies are similar to regular district-run public schools.


Q: Is there an entrance exam to attend C2E?

A: No. We are an open-enrollment public school. No entrance exams are given or mandated.


Q: Do we have to reside within Douglas County to attend C2E?

A:  No.  While Douglas County Residents are given priority, residents outside of Douglas County will be admitted as space allows (during the first enrollment period only).