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All Club Packet (required for all after school activities)

Band/Orchestra (Middle School Elecive)

C2E Band and Orchestra are offered as middle school elective classes. Students will continue to develop their musical skills and prepare for at least two concerts a year. Traditional instruments are welcome in addition to guitar and piano players who have previously taken private lessons outside of C2E.

C2E does not have instruments available for students to rent. For information on instrument availability and rental, please contact Mrs. John at

Choir (Middle School Elective)

C2E Choir is offered as a middle school elective class. Choir students learn a variety of music and simple choreography and prepare for performances. Choir is often charged with leading the singing of our National Anthem and school song at school assemblies and occasionally is requested to perform at special events throughout the year. Both boys and girls are welcome in choir! We have a great time!

Band/Orchestra (After School)

C2E offers beginning band and orchestra as after-school activities. Students in grades 4-8 are welcome if they would like to learn a band or orchestra instrument. They will also perform in at least two school-sponsored concerts a year. Students learn concert and performance etiquette in addition to basic musical skills. The Challenge To Excellence Orchestra class is designed to help beginning and intermediate students learn proper string technique, develop their sense of pitch, and to prepare for performances. Students will learn to play both classical and contemporary music, and will participate in at least two performances each year.

The fee for after school music is $70 a semester and is due by two weeks from the beginning of the quarter. Also, the Club Packet (above) is required as well.

Special Circumstances

Students younger than grade 4 who have taken private music instruction are occasionally allowed to join after school band, orchestra, or just perform with C2E Band and Orchestra at concerts and special events. This occurs on a case-by-case basis. For details, contact Mrs. John at

Private Lessons

For assistance with locating a private music teacher for your student, email Mrs. John at