School Closures/Inclement Weather

How do you know if Challenge to Excellence is closed or has a delayed start?

  • We follow DCSD’s decision: if DCSD calls Snow Day, C2E has a Snow Day. If DCSD calls Delayed Start, C2E has a Delayed Start. You can check closures on or
  • If we have a Snow Day, school is completely closed all day. All Before/After school activities, including Champions, are canceled. Students and Staff have the day off.
  • If we have a Delayed Start, school starts at 9:30am and the front doors will open at 9:10am
    • Middle School will follow the delayed start schedule:
      • 3rd period 9:30-10:33
      • 4th period 10:35-11:28
      • 5th period 11:30-12:23
      • 6th period 12:25-1:48
      • 7th period 1:50-2:43
      • Homeroom 2:45-3:00


To see if weather is affecting our school, please access any of the following.  We do not update our website as we follow whatever Douglas County posts.
Weather Hotline: 303 – 387 – SNOW (7669)
District Internet Address:
Announcements will also be made as early as possible on local television and radio stations:
Channel 2 (evenings only), Channel 4, Channel 7, and Channel 9. Radio stations: KOA 850 AM,
KYGO 98.5 FM, KOSI 101.1 FM, KEZW 1430 AM, KHOW 95.7 FM, KRXY/MIX 107.5 FM, KCFR
90.1 FM, KXKL (Kool) 105.1 FM, KKHK 99.5 FM, and KGME 1390 AM (Spanish).


For delayed start times across DCSD, please click HERE