Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter

Welcome Parents,

flagpoleYou have made an important choice selecting Challenge to Excellence for your child’s education. This welcome letter from our Governing Council will highlight the differences and benefits between our school and a typical public school program, and outline the expectations we have for parents.

Most school districts have a vision which defines what they would like to accomplish. In contrast, our charter school works to achieve a specific result. We refer to this as our ends. This is an important distinction in that a vision statement is more of an imaginative conception of the future, whereas an ends describes an explicit outcome.

Our ends statement is clearly defined and is the first item in our policy manual: “Students have an educational choice to achieve academic and personal excellence.”

With our ends in mind, it’s important to understand that our charter school considers parents as owners — not simply customers. This is a tremendous departure from traditional schools in that you have the control to truly shape the quality of your child’s education and the outcome of our academic process. However, along with this ownership comes commitment and dedication to our school’s ends.

As owners, all parents need to support our teaching and administrative staff in educating our youngsters effectively. This is a key difference between building lifelong learners and responsible citizens, and simply advancing children through a curriculum year after year. Parental involvement is the cornerstone to successfully preparing our children to address the challenges they will face in the future.

It’s essential to recognize that Challenge to Excellence is a school of choice. Although we are a public school and available to everyone, our curriculum is very challenging and fast paced, and should not be taken lightly. Students should not be enrolled only because it’s the closest school to your home, provides after care that fits the right schedule, a trendy alternative, or some other non-academic reason. We expect our students to be prepared and equipped for our challenging environment and that their parents are actively involved in their education.

You selected to send your child to our charter school for some of the following reasons:

  • quality education for all students
  • innovative teaching practices
  • improved system of accountability
  • better results in public education

Please remember that you have also committed your family to:

  • community and parent involvement
  • providing learning opportunities beyond school
  • support our ends statement
  • prepare your child for excellence
  • volunteer 20 hours per year at Challenge to Excellence

Challenge to Excellence is not for everyone. We welcome parents who actively participate in their child’s education and development, and encourage you to get involved with our staff to help our students learn. Together, we will succeed in developing young people who are well primed for high school and outfitted with skills to thrive in society.


Challenge to Excellence Governing Council