Student Fees

Mandatory Student Fees

2022-2023 School Year

Mandatory Annual Fee Schedule: Grades K-8
Paid before first day of school $200
Paid after first day of school $225


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Student Fees

1.What are student fees used for?
Student fees are used for classroom supplies, instructional materials, student programs/activities, and more.

2.Are there additional fees for middle school elective classes?
Not anymore! The new fee schedule covers the elective fees that used to be paid for separately.

3.What is not included in this fee?
Optional activities, such as field trips and after school clubs/sports are not included in the mandatory annual fee.

4.My student receives Free or Reduced Lunch; how does this affect the fee schedule?
C2E waives fees for students who receive Free or Reduced Lunch through DCSD. Families simply need to provide a copy of their Free/Reduced Lunch approval letter that was given to them by DCSD Nutrition Services to have the fees waived.

5.I paid my fees and then transferred schools; can I get a refund?
If a student transfers before August 31st, the total fee is refunded. Refunds are not provided after August.

6.Are there payment plans available?
Yes; families who need payment plan options may reach out to office personnel for assistance.